About the Company

Welcome to The Ripple Effect: Life Coaching for Women Who Want More

What do you want more of?  More peace?  More success?  More confidence?  More influence?  More fulfillment?  It is possible!  When you toss a pebble into a pond, you’re mesmerized by the ripple that radiates from that one action.  Every action you take creates a ripple effect that impacts your future life.

About the Company

We are living demonstrations of what has been handed down to us, and “we are what we repeatedly do.” Sometimes we get stuck in repeating old behaviors or thinking that ripples through life but no longer serves us. Your past contributes to who you are today, but it doesn’t have to control who you become tomorrow.

Ripple Effect Life Coaching will help you break the trap of repeated thinking and behaving that is sabotaging your future. Women sometimes settle for less than best. Whether you’re a leader or source of influence in your business, ministry, non-profit, community, or family, your decisions and actions are creating a ripple effect. Is it positive or negative? Leading ourselves is the greatest challenge. When you cast one small pebble of change into the pond of your life, it too will launch a ripple effect, maybe even a tsunami, of movement toward the life you desire. Are you living the life you dream of? Having the influence you want?  Leading the way you believe you can? Make the choice today to cast that pebble to create the ripple effect you’ve always wanted.

The Ripple Effect specializes in life and leadership coaching for:

  • Business and professional women who lead business, ministry or non-profit endeavors and want to increase their confidence and strengthen their leadership.
  • Women who want to be part of a professional network of other Christian leaders to establish visibility and influence in the community and increase their business success.
  • Women who are stepmoms searching for blended family counsel and wish to be a strong influence for a peaceful, satisfying marriage and family life.  Our “Life in the Blender” ministry offers coaching support for remarriage and blending family strategies.
  • Women in transition who are frustrated by going around the same mountain again and again and fear they will never reach their promised land of success and satisfaction in life.

I have a dream that through Ripple Effect Life Coaching, you will understand your gifting, overcome your fears, embrace your calling, boldly run toward your life purpose, and be a powerful, Godly influence in your family, professional endeavor, and community. I am called to come alongside you for a season as you move into your true identify and purpose.

The Ripple Effect means results-producing coaching and consultation that will equip you with clarity, confidence, and focused action. Gain the perspective and direction to lead your organization, be a strong influence in your community, and live your life with purpose and fulfillment.  Cast that first pebble today by contacting The Ripple Effect.